University of Northampton’s Changemaker Awards

Welcome to the website for the University of Northampton’s Changemaker Awards. The Awards are now in their sixth year and we are excited to find out who the winners will be. Take a look around the website to see all of the previous Award winners and nominees, and send in your nominations!

Here at the University of Northampton we believe change is the most powerful force for good in the world. Without it, we can’t move forward. We don’t just accept social problems, we’re excited to explore new, different ways to solve them to transform lives and inspire change. We were the first University in the UK to be given the title of “Changemaker Campus” by Ashoka U – a community of leaders and institutions who work to find solutions to society’s problems through higher education and beyond. We’re among the elite global leaders in social innovation with the vision of what education can be. We don’t stop at the campus gates; our four Changemaker+ Challenges commit us to making Northamptonshire a great place to be; from supporting children and young people to flourish and learn, putting health and wellbeing centre stage, supporting business to start up and grow, to celebrating the culture and heritage attractions we have on our doorstep. We’re proud to work with our staff, students and our local community every step of the way when they have an idea that could make a difference. I hope you enjoy finding out more about Changemakers in Northamptonshire and the way they’re using their academic knowledge, entrepreneurial ideas and their passions to make a difference.

-Professor Nick Petford, Vice Chancellor
of the University of Northampton

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